About Proactive Dental Lab

At Proactive Dental Lab, we help dental practices throughout the Greater Vancouver area of BC to ensure their patients are offered precision dental products which contribute to improved dental health. 

Our team understands the day to day challenges of operating a successful dental business committed to excellence in dental care. Proactive Dental Lab has a  in order to provide reliable, consistent and quality products for dental practices.

Proactive Dental Lab, Vancouver BCQuality Precision Products

We take great care to ensure we understand your requirements and deliver the best for your patients using the latest technologies and facilities. 

Proactive Dental Lab, Surrey BCOne-Stop Shop for Your Dental Lab Needs

Managing products can be incredibly cumbersome and when there are multiple providers, the problem compounds. Simplify your operation by managing your orders from one place.

Proactive Dental Lab, Surrey, BCDelivery You Can Trust

We understand that it's critical to the operation of your dental practice that your deliveries are on time. We pride ourselves delivery expectations you can trust. 

Proactive Dental Labs, Surrey, BCFacilities & Technology That Can Keep Up With You

Utilizing the latest technologies, our facilities quality, consistency and turnaround means the products delivered to your dental practice are second to none. 

Your patients can expect the precision products they deserve.

The satisfaction of your dental practice clients depends on you delivering quality, accuracy and timeliness.